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Photo Booth Rental Services Malaysia

Good day to you and welcome to PhotoBooth.com.my! Having a photo booth at your event will always bring more fun to the guests and we would like to impress your guests with our excellent photo booth services in Malaysia. You can hire photo booth rental services for your special events such as weddings, parties, dinners etc. and we will help you to bring fun and enjoyment to your guests. Our huge pool of talented individuals from graphic designers to professional photographers is eager to serve you.


We provide a huge variety of photo booth services, such as customised funky props that you can even put your own ideas into it through our professional graphic designer and we’ll even show you a few drafts for you to choose from as to which one is most suitable for your event, you can even design photo layout in the same manner that you can get your customized props and photo booth backdrop etc. from beginning to the end! So you have no need to worry about anything but just make sure you got your ideas sorted out so that there won’t be mixed signals for when you want to get your ideas materialized. After all of that’s done, you can just sit back and enjoy your time during your events.


What are you waiting for? Wherever you are, be it in Selangor or KL there are no additional charges but if you’re from anywhere else there’s minimal outstation charging fee, so don’t let long distances stop you from letting your guests have the best experience possible in your event, be it for something casual like a birthday party to even something corporate like an annual dinner. There’s nothing far better than to have something that can get your guests wild and excited in a good way. Come and enjoy the fun & memorable photo shooting session that you have never experienced before with our professional photo booth today. Get your photo booth booking now and have fun today!