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3 Major Occasions in Which Kpop Stans Will Organise Cup Sleeve Events for Their Idols

Café events in honour of celebrating Korean pop idols are all the rage these days. I swear that every time I go to NU Sentral (especially on the weekend), almost all the cafes in the mall are packed with Kpop stans. What a great time to be a café owner, huh?

Anyway, when I looked into this phenomenon, I figured out that these gatherings of Kpop stans at these cafes are called ‘cup sleeve events’ because apparently when you purchase beverage at these cafes, you are entitled to get a special custom made cup sleeve, printed with awesome designs and the picture of the idol you’re celebrating.

Aside from that, there are countless of other freebies you can get when you attend such events. Things like photo cards, small banners and hand fans are everywhere. Kpop stans are really generous when it comes to distributing freebies to their fellow fans of the same boy band or girl group.

So, I have also looked into 3 major occasions that warrant these fans to organise a cup sleeve event for their favourite idols.

1. Birthday

The most common one. It’s just like a typical birthday party usually. On top of the cup sleeves and other freebies, there is also a custom designed cake. And every time I participate in a birthday event for a Kpop idol, the design of the cake is definitely the highlight of the event. Because these fans can get really creative with the cake designs and I’m always impressed with the effort they put into celebrating their favourite idol’s birthday.

2. Debut anniversary

Also common because each and every Korean pop group has a date that they treasure most because this date marks the beginning of their journey in the music industry. So, as this anniversary is important to the idols, it is also very important to the fans as well.

If birthday events are usually fun and celebrative, anniversary events are always celebrated with the sentiment of joy and pride, and sometimes, they can get a little bit touching. You can really see how proud these fans are as they celebrate their favourite artists’ beginnings and achievements.

3. Album release

Honestly, I’ve never attended one that celebrate an album release or launch. But I heard that there are fans who organise café events to celebrate their idols’ hard work in releasing their latest songs or videos. And sometimes, they are promoting their beloved group’s new song better than the group’s management company, which never fails to touch my heart on how dedicated these Kpop stans are.

So, as a conclusion, I would say that I foresee these café events to be even more popular as time goes by. The reason why? It’s all because of these dedicated fans who are looking to meet other people who are just like them and make friends in the process. Honestly, the solidarity amongst Kpop fans is always amazing.

In case you’re looking to make gathering events like these café events even more memorable and awesome, you can take it up a notch and use photo booth rental service. I mean, you get to immortalise the special moments with your old and new friends. Tired of distributing photo cards as freebies? Use that awesome creativity that you have as you design the cake to design cute custom made band t-shirts. An amazing way to promote the togetherness in Kpop community, indeed!

Trade Shows Get Better Reception With Photo Booths!

Trade Shows Get Better Reception With Photo Booths!

Free pens get used up or lost. T-shirts fade. But people generally keep photos forever. Imagine your message pinned to your prospect’s refrigerators for 10 years. Capitalize on the jovial atmosphere & make the most of your photo booth rental by having a marketing strategy during events and trade shows. People will be laughing and having a great time in your exhibit space created by the photo booth your rented. This will definitely bring more attention to your space!

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So why is it that while every person there has a phone with a camera in it, they line up to play in the photo booth? When people get in the booth together, a spark ignites, the child within them comes out and they play behind the curtain, seeing how silly they can make the photos and laughing the entire time. This is how you make your guests and clients feel at ease during trade shows, making them relax and let loose so the tense business atmosphere turns fun.

With the technology today, the quality of the photos and videos are excellent compared to booths of the past. Green screens are available upon requests at some locations. Some packages even include a prop box with fancy dress accessories to enhance your photo fun during trade shows. These are just few of the reason to offer this photo opportunity to your guests and future clients. It is also a nice way of thanking them for attending your event. They leave the trade show with a special memento and also your contact details!

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Photo Booth Helps Make the Event More Fun & Merrier!

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