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Let Your Photos Look Much More Special with a Customised Photo Layout


PhotoBooth.com.my offers our customers FREE customised photo layout exclusively!


Our creative design team will contact you to gather more design tips & ideas. Then design your photo layout creatively based on your needs and theme! You can include your event’s details such as date, time & venue in photo layout so that your guests will remember it for years.


We will prepare several photo layout designs for you to choose. Don’t worry. If you are not satisfied with it, we are very happy to amend it until you are 100% satisfied. Just choose the right type for you, it may even differ with the theme of your events and some guests prefer to have one big picture while others may opt for smaller but greater in quantity. Pick the one that is right for your event.


We provide two types photo layouts:

  1. 4R Photo Layout (6″ X 4″)

Customised Photo Layout - 4R Photo Layout

Which is primarily used so that you can your photo in a bigger size, though the catch is that there can only be a single photo printed on it. If you want a picture that you can even use in your very own photobook then 4R Photo Layout might be the right choice for you. Our high-quality printing makes everything look good, your picture will no doubt be in high definition enabling you to even frame it and use it as a decorative piece on your wall.


2. Photo Strip (2″ X 6″)

Customised Photo Layout - Photo Strip

If you’re looking for something that you can get multiple photos onto a single piece of paper then our photo strip is perfect for you. It houses three different images or different poses all laid out evenly on one strip. With the help of our high-quality printing, even the smallest of pictures will look sharp as you’ll be able to differentiate between one set of pose from the other in high definition.