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Let’s Rock at Photo Booth with Customised Props


Customised Props for Photo Booth

Using some customised props during the photo shooting will add lots of fun! You no need to care whether the props are related to theme, you just need to be funny, silly and ENJOY yourself at our photo booth! Our props included hats, wigs, glasses, hair bands and many more! Can you imagine how funny when you wear those funky props? Party guests or even guests in general love to have fun with Photo Booth Props. Of all photo booth props, the special ones are those that are made exclusively for you or better yet the one that was made with your idea. Regardless if you’re having a traditional photo booth at your wedding reception or graduation party or encouraging guests to post fun selfies, these photo booth props are perfect for you.


On the other hand, we will also customise some props that match your event theme. With that, you can deliver your message through customised props too. eg: “Welcome to Wilson Birthday Party”, “Eric & Julie! Happy Wedding ~” etc. Our props add more fun into your photo booth sessions be they for something casual like birthday party for your little man or even something more formal like a corporate event, be they a product launching, annual dinner or even something to celebrate a certain milestone in the company. Maybe you just want to welcome someone special into the company or just do a little ice breaking event then using photo booth with customised props is the way to go.


So, you have no need to scratch your head, just get ready your party or event, enjoy your time and let us entertain your guests with photo booth. With a whole bunch of props that you can use in your photo shoot, you won’t ever have to worry about using the same props over and over again. Everything will be really easy and smooth sailing when you get your photo booth from photobooth.com.my so contact us today and get your quote right now!