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PhotoBooth.com.my – A Different Photo Booth Rental from Others


Fun & Memorable Events & Parties With Photo Booth

PhotoBooth.com.my provides the best photo booth service at an affordable budget for our customers. With our excellent photo shooting system, studio lighting and equipment, we can help our customers to capture the most precious moment during their events, such as birthday party, marriage, annual dinner etc.


We will help our customers to customise photo booth props for photo shooting that suits the theme and the beautiful photo booth backdrop as well. All the customised props are very funky and it will add in lots of fun during the photo shooting with our well-trained photographers for photo booth. We will also set up a live view system with LCD monitor for our guests to view their photos instantly moments after they said cheese.


For printing, we use the best quality photo paper and the high-end photo printer to print out the photos. Guess what? We offer UNLIMITED PRINTING during your rental hours! Besides that, we provide the printed photo collage to every guest for safekeeping their photos in good condition. After the event, we will do minor touch-ups for all the taken photos with the original size. Then, we will burn all high-resolution photos into a DVD and send it over to our customers.


Why we do so? Because we don’t want our customers to miss out any photos and they can reprint it anytime, anywhere they want. Such is how we treat our customers so that you won’t have to go through all the trouble of trying to take new photos just to print it. As for the rest of the day, you can just sit back and do the best that you can do with something far better than a simple snapshot of your selfie but get something better. Make your event look like an event worth taking the time to go to with our really good photo booth that lets you personalize your photo booth, props and even backdrop that fits your event’s theme.


PhotoBooth.com.my always gives you the best! Check out our photo booth booking page and start to book one now!